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Choosing the right divorce law firm is an important decision. In western Michigan, however, the choice is easy: Haskell Law, PC. As an attorney with more than two decades of legal experience as well as a divorce of my own, I understand how much is at stake for you. My name is Michael Haskell, and I am passionate about pursuing fair results for you while protecting your children from the potential trauma of a mishandled divorce.

I can help you skillfully negotiate or litigate your divorce to ensure that your future is protected. Whenever possible, I will advocate for an amicable resolution that will let you quickly move forward with your life. If your spouse makes negotiation impossible, however, I will be prepared to deliver the aggressive, tireless representation you need. Whether your case involves significant assets or a closely held business, no divorce matter is too complex for me.

Tailored Solutions For All Aspects Of Your Divorce

No matter what your case entails, I’m ready to help. My firm’s services include advice and representation related to:

  • Negotiated divorce: Whenever possible, I encourage and help clients to pursue peacefully tailored divorce settlements through processes like collaborative divorce, mediation and arbitration. These often achieve better results and minimize stress, costs and time.
  • Litigated divorce: Unfortunately, negotiated resolutions are not always possible, usually because the other party refuses to negotiate in good faith. As an experienced trial lawyer, I am ready to help you confidently assert your rights in the courtroom and fight for the results you need and deserve.
  • High net worth divorce: I regularly represent clients in complex high-asset divorces involving closely held businesses, 401(k) retirement accounts, multiple homes and vehicles, and sophisticated investment portfolios. Many of my high-asset clients choose negotiated resolutions that protect privacy and preserve reputations, but I pursue whichever divorce method is most appropriate for you and your family.
  • Child custody and parenting time: As a divorced single father myself, I know the strain that a divorce can have on the entire family. I am committed to getting you and your children the results you need, and I will advocate for child custody outcomes that protect their best interests and recommend methods that minimize conflict.
  • Financial support agreements: Child support and spousal support are an important way to ensure that all family members have the resources they need. I also understand, however, that they can be hot-button issues and sources of frustration and resentment for both sides. Whether you are receiving support or are being asked to pay, I will help you seek an award amount that is fair, sustainable and supported by documentation and evidence.

No matter what your legal needs may be, you can count on representation characterized by professionalism, integrity and strong client recommendations. I will be a zealous advocate because I know that your financial well-being, relationships, stability and peace of mind will be affected by the divorce court order for years to come.

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