On Your Side. Always.


I highly recommend him.

I highly recommend him. Mike is knowledgeable, dedicated, hard working, bright, and reasonable. I highly recommend him.

Linda Gottlieb

Level-headed, analytical approach.

Mike consistently offers a level headed, analytical approach when servicing his clients’ needs. He is a skilled writer with excellent attention to detail — and always a pleasure to work with.

Edward (Colleague)

Integrity, Aptitude, and Wit

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike Haskell over the last two decades. He is a man of uncompromising integrity paired beautifully with an incredibly high aptitude for the law and sharp wit. I would highly recommend him in all legal matters pertaining to family law or any issue requiring a sincere and trusting opinion.

Lawrence– Special Assistant to a U.S. Senator

Bottom line – if you find yourself in a daunting situation that requires an attorney with knowledge, compassion, and an understanding of the broken family court system, stop what you are doing and call Mike Haskell. Now.

Tony (Child custody client)

Dedicated to the Highest Level of Practice

I met Mike in 2007 and have worked with him on numerous occasions in a professional capacity. From our first meeting, he struck me as very dedicated and sincere.

Mike relates easily and has a warm sense of humor. Based on my many years of experience working closely with associate attorneys, I can affirmatively state that Mike is one of the most genuine and affable people with whom I’ve had the pleasure of associating.

Of great importance is that Mike also possesses tremendous integrity, which is a rare and valued quality.

Mike’s dedication to the profession and the highest level of practice, pleasant nature and sense of humor are a tribute to the type of attorney who would be a valued member of any team – and he’s also the kind of person who you want to have as a friend.

Dianne (Colleague)

Hire Mike, Sit Back, and Watch a Master at His Craft…

In May of 2013 Mike Haskell was recommended to me through a friend. I previously had a consultation with another attorney regarding my decision to file for Divorce and Custody of my son.

Let me say that from my first conversation with Mike I knew he was different and the right person to represent my son and I.

Working with Mike for months I never thought he didn’t have everything under control. I never felt misled or never got the feeling he was in it for the money.

Through these months there were things that came up and Mike was quick and ready to act. On most occasions he knew what was coming before the defense did.

Mike was always 100% honest. He would answer all questions honestly no matter if it was good or bad and explain everything top to bottom. The most important thing of all is that Mike was always inclined to do what was right for my son.

If you want an attorney with outstanding communication skills, judgment, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, and perseverance you have come to the right man. Hire Mike, sit back, and watch a MASTER at his craft.

Tom (Divorce and child custody client)

High Integrity, Solution-Oriented & Professional

Not only have I sought legal counsel from Mr. Haskell, I have referred him to friends and colleagues as well.

If I’m going to offer a referral, it is a reflection of my own personal standards thus they are very hard earned with me. Over several years, Mr. Haskell has continually exceeded my high expectations. He is prompt in responding to me even outside of traditional office hours, is thorough in his questioning as to be clear on the depth of an issue, has always been expeditious in delivering updates, and is very honest – even when he has had to tell me what I don’t want to hear.

Mr. Haskell is explicitly clear in his communication and offers exceptional insight on case law as to encourage my own knowledge building. Most of all, he is fair, ethical, and reasonable.

When working with Mike, I have never experienced a feeling doubt, something I have found to be common amongst other lawyers. It’s encouraging to know that I am in good hands when working with him.

Just as importantly, I am thrilled to share that everyone I have referred Mr. Haskell is equally satisfied. Outcomes regularly exceed expectations. I intend to continue referring Mr. Haskell to those in need of superb legal services and will undoubtedly maintain his services as needed. He’s truly exceptional and highly recommended.

It’s encouraging to know that I am in good hands when working with Mike. Just as importantly, I am thrilled to share that everyone I have referred Mr. Haskell is equally satisfied. Outcomes regularly exceed expectations… He’s truly exceptional and highly recommended.

Stephanie (Family Law client)

The Only Attorney I Could Fully Trust

As the father of a child that the system allowed the mother to kill, in an alcoholic state that should not have been allowed, I was lost.

My divorce was horrible due to my ex wife’s extreme narcissism and parental alienation. Her lies, falsehoods and allegations forced me to appear in court sometimes as often as 5-6 times in one month.

After she killed my daughter, the only thought I had was how to protect our remaining daughter and help her through all she experienced (she was almost killed, too).

Enter Mike Haskell. He was referred to me by a few friends that had very little in common. They all knew Mike as an attorney that is fair, honest, but does not play the games that so many other attorneys play. He wants and strives for what is right.

Almost four months later, and with an ex wife still battling custody from jail, Mike has made our lives more than bearable. His focus is not on what happened, not on my feelings, not on settling property, but on my daughter.

A five year old is safe now and with her father, where she belongs because of Mr. Mike Haskell. He prepares the briefs, keeps me involved every step of the way, removes emotions from my statements and ensures everything is done 100% correct.

Best of all, Mike Haskell does not worry about hurting the other attorney’s feelings. He is in it for what is right. He is not looking to “have a beer and be friends after the hearing” like other attorneys I’ve dealt with.

As my case progresses, the custody is awarded, my daughter and I are allowed once more to be left alone and be a family and we move into wrongful death suits, I will continue to employ Mike Haskell. He is the only attorney I believe I could ever fully trust. I trust him with my daughter’s safety and well being.

Mark (Child custody & divorce client)

Mike Haskell Is The Real Deal

No Need for a Superhero When Mike Is Your Attorney; He’s The Real Deal.

As an unmarried birth father dealing with the fraudulent adoption/abduction of my child and a favorable appellate decision (finally!) 2+ years after my daughter’s birth, I didn’t know what to expect, what to do next, or where to turn. I was literally at my wit’s end.

I had dealt with the unethical “adoptive parties” and was very much aware that they would stop at nothing in their quest to steal my daughter. I had already gone through a number of “lukewarm” trial attorneys that ultimately failed to establish my parental rights – even with the documented evidence that the “potential adoptive parties” knew (before birth) that I would never consent to adoption, had legally come forward (again, before my child’s birth) as her father (“Kelsey S.” status established), and most importantly, that I wanted to raise my own child.

Neither they or the courts cared – the “adoptive parents” took my daughter directly from the hospital with only the birth mother’s consent and tried everything under the sun in their attempts to call her their own.

I had visitation for a while, but that small comfort was also stripped away from me for the year that it took the appellate decision to come down. Okay, I told myself, I have a strong appellate decision.

My daughter is no longer even eligible for adoption – but I knew full well that the now “failed adoptive party” would continue to wage their war for custody…one way or another. Enter Mike – and not a moment too soon.

He immediately comes to the rescue when the other side tries to file for guardianship of my daughter and sends a “guardianship investigator” unannounced to my former residence a mere three hours after I was served. Legal documents start flying, court hearings are held. Simply put, Mike Haskell has done more for my daughter and myself in three months than anyone else did in the previous two years.

Mike’s legal knowledge and “take-no-prisoners” approach to folks that think that it is okay to deceive the court continues to pay off. I currently have visitation and have re-bonded with my child after a year of having absolutely no contact with her…undoubtedly over the objections of the failed adoptive party. This is just the beginning.

Mike is not afraid to fight for what is right. He’s not here to make friends with the legal community or to make deals with them. In my case, my child was taken from me without my consent and he will not let this travesty stand.

Bottom line – if you find yourself in a daunting situation that requires an attorney with knowledge, compassion, and an understanding of the broken family court system, stop what you are doing and call Mike Haskell. Now.

Tony (Child custody client)

Dedicated & Intelligent Attorney

I have had the privilege of knowing Michael Haskell for over ten years as an attorney who has provided professional service and consultation to me and to my family.

He is a dedicated, intelligent and caring individual who fully commits himself to any and all challenges that he encounters. As a litigator, Mike combines his knowledge of the law with outstanding interpersonal skills, integrity, the ability to effectively communicate and an aptitude to handle conflict.

I provide the following examples of my personal and professional experiences with Mike as an indication of his ability to use both the knowledge that he has gained from his education as well as his compassion and understanding relative to the needs of others:

• Real Estate Issue: As a real estate investor, I have twice faced civil issues that required the support of a skilled attorney. Mike engaged as the intermediary between the two sides in the both of these issues and successfully resolved the complex civil matters without the necessity of further litigation. These actions are a testament to both his knowledge of the law and his excellent interpersonal and negotiating skills.

• Cyber-Stalking: My daughter was being cyber-stalked and harassed by a former boyfriend. This abuse was dramatically affecting her ability to live a normal life. Mike’s diligent support ultimately resulted in bringing this matter to a conclusion where my daughter can now lead a safe and harassment-free life. In addition, Mike went beyond what is normally expected of an attorney and exhibited a significant level of compassion by helping to get the former boyfriend the professional help that he needed.

• Medical Situation: My wife provides family support services to a Marine Corps unit. As part of her job, she encountered a young Marine Corps wife who had apparently miscarried following a possible failed medical procedure. Mike was made aware of the situation and provided pro bono information as well as offering legal support should a lawsuit be desired.

This again shows the character of Mike and his level of concern and compassion for people. I highly recommend Michael Haskell for any and all legal issues. He is a true professional.

Ron (Client)