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Why you might get spousal support if your health is not good

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2024 | Spousal Support |

In Michigan, some individuals who are undergoing divorce proceedings also face health challenges. They may find relief through spousal support, also known as alimony.

This financial assistance can support a spouse with health issues, ensuring a fair distribution of resources after the dissolution of a marriage.

Health as a factor

When determining eligibility for spousal support in Michigan, the court considers various factors, with health being an important element. If an individual’s health affects their ability to maintain a reasonable standard of living, they may be eligible for spousal support.

Health impact

To establish eligibility, it is necessary to provide clear evidence of how the health condition significantly impairs one’s ability to be self-sufficient. Medical records, doctor’s assessments and other relevant documentation can serve as evidence in demonstrating the impact of the health condition on the individual’s life.

Financial need and health

The court evaluates the financial need arising from health challenges. Employers in the Grand Rapids area include those in metals, plastics and biopharmaceuticals manufacturing, among others. If the health condition impedes the individual’s capacity to work or generate income, spousal support may be necessary to ensure financial stability. This is particularly relevant when the health issue is long-term or permanent.

Duration and type of support

The court also considers the duration and type of spousal support. For individuals with chronic health conditions, long-term support may address ongoing financial needs. In cases where the health issue is temporary, rehabilitative support may assist the individual in gaining self-sufficiency through education or training.

By understanding the role of health in the spousal support decision, individuals can navigate their divorce with a better awareness of how they might qualify for financial assistance for a stable future.