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Signs of a healthy divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2023 | Divorce |

In 2022, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services reported a total of 20,812 divorces in the state. While the ending of a marriage is often a sad situation and has an association with conflict and negativity, it can be a healthier and more positive situation with the right approach.

A healthy divorce has several key signs that indicate a commitment to respectful and constructive separation.

Effective communication

Healthy divorces feature effective communication, with both parties able to discuss important matters respectfully. They listen to each other’s perspectives and work together to find common ground.

Child-centered approach

The well-being of children takes priority in a healthy divorce. Parents prioritize their children’s needs and emotional stability. This may involve creating a co-parenting plan and ensuring regular, positive contact with both parents.

Respect and empathy

Respect and empathy are essential. Each spouse acknowledges the other’s feelings and emotions, fostering an environment for healing and moving forward.

Fair division of assets

Healthy divorces involve a fair division of assets and property. Both spouses negotiate and reach an equitable settlement without excessive bitterness or resentment.

Minimized legal battles

Healthy divorces have minimal legal battles. While some legal processes are necessary, these couples avoid excessive litigation and disputes, reducing stress and expenses.

Emotional healing

A focus on emotional healing is integral to a healthy divorce. Both individuals acknowledge the emotional toll of the divorce and seek support to process their feelings and move forward positively.

Respect for personal boundaries

Each spouse respects personal boundaries and understands the importance of leading separate lives. They give each other space to heal and refrain from intruding into personal affairs.

Clear agreements

Healthy divorces involve clear and well-documented agreements. This minimizes misunderstandings and future disputes, particularly regarding child custody, support and property division.

Positive future outlook

A healthy divorce focuses on a positive future outlook. Both individuals concentrate on building new lives and embracing opportunities rather than dwelling on the past, recognizing divorce as a chance for a fresh start.

A healthy divorce is possible for almost every couple. It takes a mindset change and a commitment to approaching the situation in a calm and collected manner. When this happens, couples can navigate it with greater positivity, respect and a more constructive approach to moving forward in life.