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I Just Received Notice that an ERPO was Entered Against Me: Now What?

by | Nov 17, 2023 | Firm News |

Discovering that an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) has been issued against you is undeniably a complex and unsettling experience. Red Flag Laws, designed to restrict an individual’s access to firearms based on perceived risks, introduce a myriad of legal considerations and concerns. Here, we will delve into the intricacies of an ERPO, explore potential repercussions, and provide practical guidance for navigating this challenging situation.

Understanding the ERPO:

ERPOs are typically set in motion by a Court following a Petition from law enforcement, concerned family members, or other stakeholders. The purported objective is to address potential risks an individual may pose to themselves or others, with the duration being one year (although it is renewable).

Immediate Steps to Take:

Maintaining Composure:

In the face of an ERPO notice, maintaining composure is vital. Acknowledge that the legal process is initiated based on perceived risks, but concerns about its implications are valid.

Comprehensive Review of the Order:

Scrutinizing the ERPO meticulously is crucial to understanding the specific restrictions imposed. Pay careful attention to the details—especially any directives related to firearm surrender.

Legal Counsel Consultation:

Seeking immediate legal advice is highly recommended—time is of the essence. Collaborate with an attorney who shares your concerns about ERPOs, ensure your rights are explained, and your response is guided with these considerations in mind, like our partners at www.ERPOExpress.com.

Responding to an ERPO:

Hearing Preparation:

If a hearing is scheduled, meticulous preparation is key. Collaborate closely with your legal counsel to present evidence and arguments aligned with your concerns about the potential overreach of ERPOs.

Address Mental Health Concerns Proactively:

If mental health concerns are raised, proactively seeking professional assistance is a prudent step. A comprehensive evaluation and consultation with a mental health professional can help address concerns while respecting individual rights.

Cooperation with Law Enforcement:

You will be required to surrender your firearms, adhere to the Order promptly.

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