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Parenting Time in Michigan

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In Michigan, two parents who wish to share custody of their child after a divorce or separation must agree on a parenting time schedule or parenting plan. When there is a dispute regarding this plan, you need a Grand Rapids divorce attorney on your side to ensure that your rights to parenting time are honored. Our firm provides legal counsel to clients throughout West Michigan. Contact Haskell Law, PC to learn how a lawyer can help you!

The Michigan Parenting Time Guideline

The Michigan Parenting Time Guideline provides an example of how two parents can agree to split up their time with their child or children. For example, the child may spend weekdays with one parent and weekends with the other. The child might also spend holidays with one parent on odd-numbered years and with the other parent on even-numbered years.

Keep in mind that this guideline can be modified to meet the unique needs of each parent and child, but once it is agreed upon and entered by a judge, it must be followed. Parents are allowed to make temporary exceptions without modifying the agreement, but if a dispute arises, the court will only honor what is written in the official parenting time schedule.

Contact a Divorce Attorney in Grand Rapids, MI

Children need their mothers and fathers in their lives. Our Grand Rapids family lawyer, Attorney Michael J. Haskell can help you create and enforce a plan that is as fair as possible for everyone involved. Let us help you protect the best interests of your child or children.

Your child’s future and well-being is too important to leave your parenting time to chance. Haskell Law, PC can provide a Grand Rapids family law attorney with the experience and skill needed to fight for you. We can help you keep your child in your life and can protect your child’s best interests.

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