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The Divorce Process in Michigan

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In the state of Michigan, the divorce process is much like elsewhere across the country. As a “no-fault” divorce, you cannot use your partner’s mistakes as the main factor for seeking a divorce. Generally speaking, divorces are rooted in the idea a marriage failed because of irreconcilable differences, and at least one party must have lived in Michigan for 6 months or 180 days prior to filing for divorce in this state.

Navigating the divorce process in Michigan is undoubtedly challenging, and only becomes easier with the help of a Grand Rapids divorce attorney who has your best interests in mind, such as ours at Haskell Law.

Steps in the Michigan Divorce Process

The Michigan divorce process begins with either spouse deciding the time to end the marriage has come.

One party to the marriage must file an original petition for divorce with the local court clerk. Once the original petition for divorce is filed, the other party to the marriage (“the respondent”) is served.

Once the divorce petition has been served, temporary orders are put into place regarding child custody and child support. These temporary orders determine what happens while the divorce case is proceeding through the legal process.

The next phase of this legal process is called “the discovery phase”. During the discovery phase, information necessary to ascertain and adjudicate issues that arise during the divorce proceeding is gathered.

Typically, the parties to the divorce then enter into negotiations to resolve any issues that remain amicably if possible. When both parties are assisted by counsel skilled in helping divorcing people to reach amicable solutions, it can often be possible to avoid the need for a trial.

When there are issues which cannot be resolved amicably through negotiation, those issues are then addressed during trial. Evidence is heard, arguments are made, and a judge ultimately decides the issues the parties are disputing.

Lastly, the order of dissolution completes the divorce and highlights the terms in which the parties are dividing assets, property, custody, support, etc.

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